Drone Safety Team Recommendations To Improve ASRS For UAS

As we have observed in the aviation renaissance with drones, the same basic concepts of aviation still apply, but the method of communication needs to be different, and how they evolve needs to be faster. There are more than 4 million drones in the airspace today (10x that of traditional aircraft), and this group comprises a wide mix of use cases and industries. Recreational drone pilots, commercial drone pilots, law enforcement drones, delivery drones, and air taxis all share the same airspace.

The FAA’s Advanced Aviation Advisory Committee (“AAAC”) has established recommendations around the importance of providing different messages to these different segments that fly under different rules and regulations with different aircraft. Much of the Committee’s work centered around aviation best practices and appropriate messages to these different audiences. The Committee also explored the best ways to engage drone pilots of all backgrounds to increase the benefits of the UAS Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS).

In this publication we explore the enhancements and possibilities for improving the ASRS for UAS.

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